Tasteful Dishes & Tasty Dishes


One of the highlights of the 2013 Icheon Ceramics Festival, whose theme is “Together with me, you and us”, is the special exhibition Tasteful Dishes & Tasty Dishes. This interdisciplinary project brings together ceramics, food and culture, presenting new cultural trends that reflect our contemporary lifestyles. This project focuses exclusively on table settings for one, a reflection of the rapidly growing number of single households in Korea today. More than just viewing the tableware, visitors can experience the artists’ craftsmanship directly by savoring the health-conscious menu that was designed especially for this project, served in individually-portioned pieces. This innovative project allows visitors to experience, taste, and even purchase the wares. The project is also Korea’s answer to “Ichiju-issai,” the simple Japanese menu of having one soup and one side dish, that is reinterpreted to fit the culinary culture and ceramic tableware of Korea.

2013 이천도자기 축제의 특별전시 <맛있는 그릇, 멋있는 그릇>의 전시 그래픽, 현수막, 엽서, 도록, 리플렛 등의 디자인을 하였습니다.


  • MOON Yujin


  • Panta Creation


  • 2013 Icheon Ceramic Festival Committee