Café au bol 사발커피


Café au bol forms a part of the interdisciplinary project series which brings together ceramics, food and culture, suggesting new cultural trends that enrich our contemporary lifestyles. This bijou event focuses exclusively on designing a coffee ceremony, in which audience can experience the  enjoyment of craftsmanship of two masters of ceramics and coffee.

Instead a mug cup, this coffee ceremony suggests a sabal, which means a bowl, as a vessel for serving hand-dripped coffee. One sabal of coffee is to be cupped in two hands, which let us feel the warmth and sedulous efforts of these two craftmen: Huh Sang-wook, one of the most favored ceramic artist in Korea and Q, a coffee master who has been exploring all kinds of senses for coffee degustation.

Café au bol MENU
In a sparkling café located in Yeonnam-dong, one of the most visited cultural spot in Seoul, audience can synesthetically enjoy two special menu of craft coffee: Sabal au lait and Sabal drip(special blend). They are served in elegant ceramic bowls especially designed for these two menu. Ceramics collectors are invited to touch the taste of craft coffee and coffee enthusiasts to appreciate each story of four different bowls: Grooving Iron, Timescape, Breezy Flow, Soil Flower.

Café au bol GIFT SET
In order to allow people enjoy their own Café au bol ceremony, the project presents a limited edition of Café au bol gift set that consists of 150g of coffee bean sensitively roasted by Coffeegamgak and one of the above-mentioned four handmade ceramic bowls.

Café au bol TALK
“Roasted and Fired: Encountering via Craftmanship”
A talk event with the ceramic artist and the coffee master to share their reflection and attitude towards their materials: ceramics and coffee.


  • Coffeegamgak


  • December 20 - 28, 2014

Curated by

  • the written hands.


  • Choi Jongwon